Best Birthday Cake


Today is my little sisters 21st Birthday so I really wanted to make her something special to celebrate. Luckily she came up with the perfect option, an MnM Cake!! So I’ve seen pictures of these cakes before and always wanted to make one and now that I’ve done it, it is the easiest cake I have ever made and possibly one of the best looking! Trust me, serve your friends one of these and they will think your a masterchef. It really does look very impressive, which is great because its so simple.

ImageYou need only 4 ingredients (yep you read that right, just 4)!!


What You’ll Need:

1 Chocolate Cake (can be any flavour really. I got my recipe from the GABO website and I used their frosting recipe as well. Be sure to halve the quantities if you use this one as its far too much for what you need)

1 Portion of Chocolate frosting

1 Large packet of MnM’s (I used peanut ones but you could also use maltesers or berries) 

2 Packets of Arnotts chocolate fingers 

What I Did:

1. Cut the top of your cake off so that the cake is flat (just like this…and you get to eat the leftovers, Yum!) Image

2. Cover the cake (including the sides) in a nice generous amount of frosting.

3. Press the Arnotts chocolate fingers around the outside of the cake, making sure they touch the bottom/plate. They should form a “wall” once your done

4. Pour your MnM’s onto the top of the cake so that the entire thing is covered

And it’s really that simple!! A perfect and easy cake for birthdays or celebrations, this one is sure to impress any guest. The best bit about it (aside from the fact that its so damn easy and tastes delicious) is that you can customise it to suit your own taste. I’ve seen people use KitKats on the outside instead of Arnotts chocolate fingers and top it with maltesers or mixed berries. Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed



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